Wildflowers All Around Shop Hop Winners!

This past weekend we had a phenomonal turnout at our Wildflowers All Around Shop Hop. Thank you for your support!

We are excited to announce the winners of our prizes…

Sewing Machine – Robert Ierien
One Quilt Place Cottage Weekend – Brenda Camarillo
Gift Basket – One Quilt Place – Joe Alonzo
Gift Basket – Blanco – Barbara Gray
Gift Basket – Oak Leaf – Christina Hoen
Gift Basket – Wimberley Stitch – Nelda McKeen
Gift Basket – Scrappy Quilter – Linda Byrom
Gift Basket – Debra Nicklaus
Gift Certificate – Blanco – Chris Daldry
Gift Certificate – Blanco – Rachel Parkman
Gift Certificate – One Quilt Place – Cindy Debouchet
Gift Certificate – One Quilt Place – Sheri Starbuck
Gift Certificate – Wimberley – Barbara Barnes
Gift Certificate – Wimberley – Joe Hoaglund
Gift Certificate – Oak Leaf – Eric Patenadue
Gift Certificate – Oak Leaf – Penny Stromberg
Gift Certificate – Scrappy – Valarie Garza
Gift Certificate – Scrappy – Danielle Fisher
Fat Quarter Bundle – Karen Boyle
Fat Quarter Bundle – Lee Laman

We had over 370 completed entries! Thanks again to everyone who came out.

Stay tuned for our upcoming “Fall Frolic”, October 1st – 3rd 2015.