Long Arm Quilting Machine Rental Policy

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All rentals are by reservation only. If another person rents during a time period after you, you must vacate the machine, even if you are not yet finished. If there is no one scheduled after you, you may leave your quilt on the machine if you are returning the next day. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of your scheduled time.

The first hour of your rental after taking the class will be supervised, free by a One Quilt Place staffer. We strongly recommend that you rent the machine within 2 weeks of taking the class, in order that you apply what you learned.

We will assist you in loading the quilt if you desire and you won’t be charged for that time until you start quilting.

Each Quilter quilts at their own risk. One Quilt Place is not responsible for ripping out errors or replacing fabric or injury to yourself.

Repeating the Class: If it has been one year since you took the class or rented the machine, you will have to retake the class.

Thread: We supply a variety of Superior and Aurifil threads which work very well in our machines. There is a thread charge of $5.00 minimum for small throws, crib and single size quilts. Any quilt larger than that will require a $10 thread charge. You may purchase your own spools from us and keep the remainder: in that case you won’t be charged a thread charge.

Friends: You may bring a friend with you or have a friend visit to cheer you on. If that person has not taken the class, they may not help you or touch anything on the machine. If the friend has taken the class, they are welcome to participate. Two friends who have taken the class may rent one machine. The rental fee is the same as if it were just one person, since the rental fee is by machine, not per person.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy from time to time, at the sole discretion of the owners, as we develop the rental program. We want to be fair and have an enjoyable experience for you, as you proudly finish your quilt tops!

Call the shop to reserve now! 830-990-4140