Reasons to be Quilting in 2020

We are so excited! One Quilt Place was mentioned on Redfin’s blog on how to showcase textile artwork in your home. Check out the post by clicking here.

We all know this year has been an adjusting year for everyone as we acclimate to spending more time at home and less time out-and-about. The experts say how having an engaging workspace isn’t just for the sake of having beautiful things, but because human and environmental health are intrinsically linked. Using our increased time indoors to work on making a quilt can not only impact your mental state of being as you work on the project but also a comfort and coziness having a quilt to curl up with that you and your family can use.

It is now more important than ever to cultivate a sanctuary at home where we can spend time with our families and have free space to be ourselves. Living in comfort and feeling in tune with your surroundings can be encouraged with any sort of homemade quilt that matches your home’s styles and taste. With modern technology, the possibilities are endless for any gradient of color with no style being off limits. Using the bold vibrant colors or relaxing subdued colors from your homemade quilts will cultivate the living spaces for you and your loved ones.

With a quilts ‘ unique patterns, beautiful craftsmanship, vibrant colors and cozy textures, it’s no wonder quilts have been in households for hundreds of years. As early American settlers were struggling to survive, bits of fabric were precious and carefully utilized. Blankets were repaired with bits of fabric to lengthen their use and as time went on, this evolved into a practice of elaborate patch work quilts and extravagant needlework. This practice continued as quilts were passed onto generation after generation. Even now, hundreds of years later, quilts are still family heirloom pieces that are displayed or used to honor their family and heritage.

Check out our collections and fabrics to curl up with while adding coziness and warmth to your homes.

Wildflowers All Around Shop Hop Winners!

This past weekend we had a phenomonal turnout at our Wildflowers All Around Shop Hop. Thank you for your support!

We are excited to announce the winners of our prizes…

Sewing Machine – Robert Ierien
One Quilt Place Cottage Weekend – Brenda Camarillo
Gift Basket – One Quilt Place – Joe Alonzo
Gift Basket – Blanco – Barbara Gray
Gift Basket – Oak Leaf – Christina Hoen
Gift Basket – Wimberley Stitch – Nelda McKeen
Gift Basket – Scrappy Quilter – Linda Byrom
Gift Basket – Debra Nicklaus
Gift Certificate – Blanco – Chris Daldry
Gift Certificate – Blanco – Rachel Parkman
Gift Certificate – One Quilt Place – Cindy Debouchet
Gift Certificate – One Quilt Place – Sheri Starbuck
Gift Certificate – Wimberley – Barbara Barnes
Gift Certificate – Wimberley – Joe Hoaglund
Gift Certificate – Oak Leaf – Eric Patenadue
Gift Certificate – Oak Leaf – Penny Stromberg
Gift Certificate – Scrappy – Valarie Garza
Gift Certificate – Scrappy – Danielle Fisher
Fat Quarter Bundle – Karen Boyle
Fat Quarter Bundle – Lee Laman

We had over 370 completed entries! Thanks again to everyone who came out.

Stay tuned for our upcoming “Fall Frolic”, October 1st – 3rd 2015.

Downton Abbey Tea Party Invitation!

downton abbey fabric

You’re are cordially invited to our

Downton Abbey Tea & Trunk Show

Saturday, January 31, 2015

3 Tea Times for your choosing:
10:30am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm

Tickets are $20.00

Special Guest Presentation,
Door Prizes, Gift Certificates, Surprises!

Hosted by One Quilt Place
Please call the shop for reservations.
Limited seating at each tea time!